Luxury & Waterfront



We offer a very unique service to sellers of upscale properties.

We present in a clear one page “executive summary” how we will sell your home.

The “executive summary” format is familiar to many professionals. As applied here, it enables you to obtain a quick, clear and focused understanding of the key facts, and variables related to the possible sale of your property. With that you can make clear and informed decisions regarding the sale of what might well be your single largest asset.

Thoughtful clients want to know in advance what services, capacities and results they’ll receive. Owners of such properties also know the importance of conducting quality due diligence on any prospective realtor. We make your capacity to do all this quickly, clearly and easily.

The effective sale and purchase of luxury properties requires a unique combination of knowledge, skill and resources.

These include addressing such matters as a more limited pool of both buyers and sellers along with the fact that there are typically fewer examples of comparable properties available for analysis.

This is a special arena that requires mastery of cutting edge marketing and sales skills, including highly advanced target marketing abilities along with the experience and resources required to maximize and leverage related internet and social media technologies.

We have these capabilities, knowledge and skills we’ve developed and honed over many years of direct, results-driven experience.

Waterfront Properties

Another core specialty is in the sale and purchase of waterfront and/or water associated properties. Such homes are well known for their capacity to facilitate the highest overall quality of life. Having lived in such a home for over 13 years, I can personally attest to just how wonderful that life can be.

While always in high demand and limited quantity, there are options. We can show you what these are and can guide you to the home that delivers the best possible fit.