A Certified Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) With A Life Transition Focus

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"When my aunt became ill and could no longer live alone, I needed help selling her home and finding her an assisted living facility. Living in New Jersey and being unable to leave my mother alone, it was crucial that I find a realtor I could trust. Dori was absolutely perfect. She made this process quick and easy. Not only did she sell my aunt’s place quickly, she helped find trustworthy people to pack up, take furniture to sell on consignment, and move things into the assisted living facility. Dori communicated with me throughout the entire process. She stays in touch to see how my aunt is doing.

"Not only is Dori a terrific realtor, she is a compassionate, caring person who did something very difficult to do - she earned my trust and respect. I highly recommend her." Donna S.

I offer specialized skills in helping seniors and their families to navigate the emotional, financial and legal issues associated with later-in-life real estate transactions.

This includes help in determining the best pricing strategies, preparing the home for optimal presentation and assistance in exploring the best options for thriving and remaining healthy in the next home or other setting of your choice.

This is often accomplished in part by referral, as needed, to a wide spectrum of experts and service providers ranging from elder law attorneys and financial planners to appraisers, movers and handymen.

Later in life real estate transactions require the most planning. For example, considerations should include looking forward to make sure that the home will provide a high quality of life both now and in the longer term.

And this is definitely the time where issues regarding home, aging, health and wealth entirely intersect.

Most people want to live on their own terms, in the home that fits them best. This is possible but less so in the absence of up-front planning.

For example, many are shocked and appalled when they learn the extraordinarily high cost of long-term care.

Suddenly it becomes clear that your hard-earned assets and savings, including your home, can get eaten up very quickly.

As it turns out there are many strategies and resources that can enable you to minimize or completely prevent worst case scenarios.

Perhaps the single greatest asset of working with Senior Real Estate Specialist is their capacity to help you successfully navigate these vital and often complex issues and considerations.

I offer the knowledge, understanding and resource network to help you comfortably and proactively deal with these issues.

Thank you.

You wouldn’t go to your family doctor for open heart surgery. You’d want a specialist.

For similar (but not so serious) reasons, later-in-life real estate transactions can yield much better outcomes by choosing a specialist rather than a generalist.

Dori is also owner, Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Palm Beach TreasureCoast Elder Care Planning Council. This non-profit enterprise and related resources enables her to access the full range of services available to seniors and their families.



Later in life transitions represent a unique time in life in which issues of health, aging, wealth and living arrangements intersect all at once. The related complexity can easily produce uncertainty, ambivalence and stress.

I provide assistance in exploring the most fulfilling living arrangement of your choosing. For many the goal will be to age and “thrive in place,” for others to find the right setting to live comfortably, happily and safely over the long-term.

Whatever your goals, my aim is to de-stress and make easier the related transition. My services include everything you might expect from a highly effective real estate agent, including help in determining the best pricing strategies; preparing the home for optimal presentation, and the overall marketing and sale of the property. This process might also include referral or guidance on pre-sale repairs, minor interior design changes, staging, downsizing, organizing, de-cluttering, packing moving and cleaning. Whatever your needs I will walk with you from to start to finish.

I Utilize The Expertise Of Specialized Professionals.

As a real estate agent I certainly don’t claim to be an expert on the full range of subjects, issues and needs of my senior clients.  Nor do I claim to be able to do everything they might need to be done. That’s why I work with top professionals in several related areas including, elder, estate and tax attorneys, senior move specialists, healthcare professionals, senior care managers, accountants and financial advisors, community and government agencies, senior living facilities, appraisers, movers and handymen... to name a few. As always, the choices regarding such matters remain entirely with you and your family. The key is in knowing what’s possible and, candidly, many agents simply don’t.

I also take a personalized “concierge style” approach to serving you. For example, you can be certain that I will promptly return your calls and will keep you constantly up to date.

Surviving is Important. Thriving is elegant

Maya Angelou

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