Uncategorized August 18, 2022

New Home Construction


Purchasing a new home:

There are three general ways you can go about new home purchasing:

Work with a realtor to designate new home construction builders then tour their model homes specifying the styles and models you like. Then purchase a home with the ability to choose their lot and interior features.

Purchase a new home already built as is, sometimes what’s called a “spec” home.

Work with an architect to build tour dream home entirely to your specifications in the available location of your choosing.

With existing home inventory so tight this is a perfect time to consider getting exactly what you want specifically made to order.

When in comes to new homes, we live in a very exciting time. Planners, architects and builders have become masterful in developing homes and communities that offer an extraordinary overall lifestyle.

These include beautiful homes with a magnificent livability quotient specifically designed for the wants, needs and comfort of various client types including families, golfers, retirees and seniors.

If your desire is to build a custom home I offer specialized knowledge of how to walk with you through every step.

In reality the process of purchasing a newly constructed home isn’t as complicated as many people think.

You select the home, location and landscaping you want; arrange financing; individualize the home to your specific wants and needs; let the builders build it, sign off on the work, close the deal, move in and enjoy.

If you’d like to know more about all your new home options including what the actual process would be like, I can help.

Simply send me an email at: dorimckearn@gmail.com, or give me a call at 561-379-0401

As a young woman I helped operate a family member’s construction business.

Later my college studies enabled me to become a high functioning interior designer.

As it turns out these capacities and passions have combined to enable me to serve as your new home real estate agent.